What is generic Harvoni?

Generic Harvoni can be Hepcinat LP, Ledifos and any other brand names manufactured by Gilead Sciences licensed and approved Indian pharmaceutical companies.  The core component of generic Harvoni is ledipasvir 90mg and sofosbuvir 400mg.

What is the cost of generic Harvoni?

We always try to get the lowest price directly from the pharmaceutical company.  However, due to high demand for generic Harvoni the costs fluctuate.  So, the manufactured retail price of $900 to $1200, maximum price.

Which countries can generic Harvoni be shipped to?

All countries except RUSSIA, CANADA and NORTH KOREA.  Please contact our patient advocates at 1-858-952-1077 for more detailed information.

What happens if for some reason the meds are help up by customs and they’re shipped back to India?

We will make other arrangements to get the meds to you.  We 100% guarantee  you will get your treatment.

Can I come to India to get generic Harvoni?

We welcome you to “Incredible India” with open arms.  Please contact our patient advocates at 1-858-952-1077 for full concierge service from the moment you arrive in India until you return home.

Can I have your clinic organize my trip to and back from India?

Yes, we offer full concierge service from the moment you land at the Bangalore International Airport until we see you off back home.

What is the cost of Visa coming to India?

Visa cost for Americans is approximately $60.  Please visit the Indian government site for Indian visas here.

What cities can I plan a trip to in India?

We welcome you to visit the major metros like New Delhi, Banagalore, Hyderbad, Chennai, Mumbai and Calcutta.   We have patient advocates that will guide you throughout your stay in India.

Who will pick me up from the airport?

We will have a member of our staff/volunteers meet you and your party at the arrivals of the airport.

What is the average cost of stay per day in Bangalore and other major cities in India?

Approximately $50 to a maximum $100 with hotel and food.  Sight seeing and traveling will be a bit more.

Is Bangalore a safe city?

Yes, Bangalore is one of the safest cities in all of Asia and also one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the World.

Bangalore is home to almost 500,000 Americans, Europeans, British and Australians.  This is the Silicon Valley of Asia.  10,000’s of American companies have their research & development, engineering and software development here in this city.

What is the weather in Bangalore?

Weather here is perfect, very similar to San Diego, California.  Its very similar to Mediterranean climate.  The summers are little warm but not like New York, Chicago or Miami.  Its dry heat like San Diego.

What kind of clothing should I wear in Bangalore?

You can wear jeans and t shirts.  Shorts and long skirts if you’d like.  Bring a sweater just in case there is a cold spell.

What accommodations can I expect through your organization?

The hotels that we have partnered with are comfortable starting at $25 a night to $400 a night.  Most are very comfortable with the $25 a night option.  It comes with cable tv, Wifi, daily room service, AC, comfortable bedding and mattress.