Help Provide Hepatitis C Treatment for a Child


Sunny Pharma and Care Exim donates hepatitis C treatments to positive children

According Dr. Narkewicz of the Hepatitis C Liver Foundation, 23,000 to 46,000 are infected with hepatitis C in the US.

Hepatitis C is rare in children, approximately 0.15% of six to eleven years old and 0.4 percent in twelve to 19 years old.

Most children acquire hepatitis C during birth. Usually from mother to child transmission or vertical transmission.  One in twenty chance a mother will pas on her hepatitis C infection to her child.

Our goal is to help as many children in the US overcome hepatitis C before they reach adulthood.  We want to remove the stigma of hepatitis C so they can live a normal and healthy life.

For every order you place with us we will donate hepatitis C treatment to a needy child through our non profit networks.

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