Previous treatment failures respond to 24 weeks of Harvoni


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Harvoni safe, effective in adolescents with HCV

Harvoni works on adolescets too

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Abbott Labs: False Claims at $1.5 Billion.

abbott-laboratories fraud for life $1.5 billion fine


Another story of a brand that we trust taking us for a ride.  Read more at link here.

Pfizer: Off Label Promotion and Kickbacks  $2.3 Billion fine

pfizer fraud for 2.3 billion

Read about the fraud and paying off physicians and kickbacks here.

GlaxoSmithKline mischief unveiled

gsk logo 3 billion fraud criminal and civil

Criminal: Off-label promotion, failure to disclose safety data.  Civil: paying kickbacks to physicians, making false and misleading statements concerning the safety of Avandia, reporting false best prices and underpaying rebates owed under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.  Read more here.

$515 Million Criminal Fine Is Largest Individual Corporate Criminal Fine in History; Civil Settlement up to $800 Million for Eli Lily

eli lilly fraud suit for billions

Eli Lilly and Company Agrees to Pay $1.415 Billion to Resolve Allegations of Off-label Promotion of Zyprexa.  Read more about the fraud here at our government website.

Sneaky Johnson and Johnson: 2.2 Billion fine.

Fraud suit 2.2 billion for Johnson and Johnson

“When pharmaceutical companies interfere with the FDA’s mission of ensuring that drugs are safe and effective for the American public, they undermine the doctor-patient relationship and put the health and safety of patients at risk,” said Director of the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations John Roth.  Please read more here.

VA expands hepatitis C treatment to all patients with the virus

US Soldier get approval from VA for harvoni and sovaldi treatment

We almost gave up!  Our soldiers serve our country and get denied by the VA to have access to Harvoni and Sovaldi.  Today is probably one of the greatest days in the debate of overpriced medication, our soldiers won the battle.   Thank you God!  Please read story here.

NY insurers lift restrictions on coverage of costly hepatitis C drugs

harvoni is $1495 at harvoni price in india

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Price of Cancer Drugs Has Skyrocketed Since 2000

drug cost skyrocketing

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